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6 Smart Home Upgrades to Install During Renovation Season

When it comes to renovations, chances are the idea of integrating smart home upgrades into your home is quite appealing. According to a survey conducted by Houzz, 28% of homeowners who are renovating say that integrating smart home technology is at the top of their list! Nowadays, installing smart tech has never been easier or affordable. House buyers often expect these luxuries, so not only is it beneficial for you, smart home integration is a strong investment if ever you sell your property.

Take advantage of your next renovation by incorporating these six smart home renovations.

Home Automation System

If you're planning on installing multiple smart home products, utilizing those that can connect with each other through automation makes a world of difference. BAZZ Smart Home devices work seamlessly together, allowing you to create multiple routines with ease.

While BAZZ Smart Home devices need no hub to function, they are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa - allowing you to integrate our smart devices into routines and control them with your voice!

Motion Sensor & Water Leak Sensor

Equipping your home with motion and water leak sensors allows for you to know if there's an emergency at home, wherever you are. These smart home products are easy to install and instantly notify you via alerts on your phone when they detect an issue. Some insurance companies will give you a better price for their coverage if you install these smart home security features!

37% of U.S. homeowners have suffered losses from water damage, with racking an average bill of $6,965 in insurance claims. Water leak sensors are a fantastic addition to spaces such as the basement, under sinks, near your water heater, and in your laundry room so you can take the necessary action before significant water damage occurs.

While equipping your home with motion sensors may not be a new concept, the ease of instant alerts through the BAZZ Smart Home app can be a revolutionary advantage. Forgot to arm your home? No problem! Unlike traditional security systems, smart home systems allow you to turn your devices off and on from wherever you are. You can even set devices to turn off and on at specific times, so you will not receive notifications when you know someone will be coming into your home.

Smart Home Security Camera

Whether you're at work or away on vacation, smart home doorbell cameras, outdoor cameras, and interior cameras can be accessed and monitored by your phone. The BAZZ Smart Home App will send you alerts when your cameras detect movement, supports micro SD card storage (max 128 GB), and gives you the option to capture video and photos!

Smart Plug

Smart plugs are an easy way to automate your day, ensuring you never have a dreaded "did I unplug my iron?" thought again. Not only do they give you the power to turn appliances on and off remotely, but they can also be voice-controlled through your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa! Smart home plugs are also a fantastic addition to family routines, allowing you to monitor your children's use of specific devices, and can be automated to turn off at a predetermined time.

Smart Thermostats

If you are up for the task, consider installing a smart home thermostat in your home. A smart thermostat is a nice upgrade, potentially enhancing your home's efficiency if you install temperature sensors. During your home renovation, you can hardwire sensors directly into your smart thermostat, allowing it to regulate the temperature in each room automatically.

Why BAZZ Smart Home?

When it comes to affordable home security and smart home automation, BAZZ Smart Home stands above the rest. BAZZ Smart Home has everything needed to automate your home with ease at an affordable price. No need for a hub; simply install the devices and enjoy the perks of your smart home upgrades!

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