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Are Smart Home Starter Kits Worth the Money?

What Are the Benefits of Smart Technology?

There are so many benefits of integrating smart technology into your home. For one, it can make everyday tasks more convenient, it improves the security of your home, and with a little voice-activated assistance, help is near when your hands are full! 

What Are the Disadvantages?

While smart home products heighten the cool factor of your space, the downside is the installation process. There are so many products on the market, and figuring out exactly what devices work with others can be daunting especially if you've purchased a multitude of separately branded products that all need their own hubs or apps. 

How Do I Choose Smart Home Kit As a Starter? 

1) Decide What Type of Home Automation You Need

Choosing which smart home starter kit to install depends on what type of home automation you want first. For example, if you're going to want to beef up your home's security, investing in an alarm kit would be the first step. Or, if your smart lighting, opting for a recessed lighting kit would be the way to go. 


Home Monitoring Alarm System | BAZZ Smart Home

2) Start Investing in Home Starter Kits

This is why when building out a smart home, investing in home starter kits can save you time, money and energy in the long run. Once you build a solid foundation that you can add to overtime, it will be much easier to identify which smart home products need to or can work together.  When you buy a starter kit, the amount you pay includes a small discount, so you spend less than if you purchased each part individually... which means you'll have more money to spend on other smart home features!  

3) Expand Your Smart Home Needs Under One Ecosystem

Finding a smart home starter kit that doesn't depend on a smart home hub is key to making this the easiest way to ensure that the components of your smart home can be built upon. One thing you must have, however, is an excellent wireless router—ideally one that can reach all corners of your home.

Is it Worth the Money?

Absolutely, Bazz Smart Home starter kits are perfect for both those who are newbies to the world home automation and others whose homes are already decked out with the latest gadgets. All of our products are hub free and can be controlled by your phone through the Bazz Smart Home App, or through voice command with a Google Home or Alexa. Isn't it time for your home to work for you? 

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