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Best Areas to Apply Your LED RGB Strip Lights

Best Areas to Apply Your LED  RGB Strip Lights


LED RGB Strip Lights have become extremely popular in the past few years as people try to make spaces in their homes have more ambiance for movie nights, fun light shows for parties, and calming hues for relaxing at the end of a long day. Looking for the best places to put your LED Strip Lights so you enjoy them fully? BAZZ has you covered!

Near Computer & TV Screens

If you’re an avid gamer, work from home, or looking for a way to make movie nights more exciting, LED RGB Strip Lights can turn a regular space into a fun work or entertainment hub. Change the color of your lights to your taste while you stream yourself playing the latest computer game, or set the light hue to a soothing tone that will keep you relaxed as you meet your deadlines for work. 

Planning a movie night with the family or want to spice up your home entertainment area? LED RGB Strip Lights can make a horror movie even scarier when set to dim or a red hue or create magical Disney nights where you change the color of the lights with each scene. You’ll be in a “whole new world” with these fun ambient strip lights. 

Under cabinets

Whether you need to light up your cabinets at night so you can find things easily, or you want to make your kitchen more festive for your upcoming party, placing LED RGB Strip Lights under cabinets can be a subtle way to decorate any space and bring it to life.

Under Shelves

Similarly to the cabinets, you can make a regular bookshelf magical with yellow-toned LED Strip Lights reminiscent of fairy lights or place it under work shelves so you can easily find tools and finish projects no matter how late it is. Have trophies, awards, or mementos you want to highlight? Put them right above the strip lights so they are easier to see - what a great conversation starter!

In the Closet

Calling all fashionistas - whether you have a small closet or a walk-in, LED lights can highlight your amazing taste in clothes and help you when you’re getting dressed early in the morning for work or late at night before going out with friends. Never worry about waking up your family again by dimming your LED RGB Strip Lights so you can still get ready in light while they sleep comfortably. 

Above the Floor 

Having a guiding light placed in the space between your cabinets and floor is like a grown-up version of a night light - enjoy the comfort of being able to see at night with the vibe of a classy hotel. Place in bedrooms, living rooms, or kitchens to help you navigate your house in night and add subtle ambiance to your space.

Where Can I Buy RGB Strip Lights Online? 

BAZZ Smart Home has all of your LED RGB Strip Light needs covered, whether you’re looking for elegant ambiance, party lighting, or a fun way to level up your next movie night or gaming session. The versatility of our available RGB colors, hues, and dimness levels make the creative possibilities endless. Transform your home now and add practical, fun lighting with BAZZ. 

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