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What Are the Differences Between A19 & BR30 Light Bulbs?

BAZZ Smart Home A19 & BR30 Light Bulb


Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people well-versed in light bulb standardizations. When it comes time to modernize your home with smart bulbs, you’ll be met with a wave of different shapes and sizes

What do they all do? What’s their purpose? Which do you need?

A19 and BR30 are two of the most popular light bulb shapes. So, when it’s time to switch your light bulbs, it’s likely one or the other.

But which, in particular, fits the bill for the purpose you need? Let’s dive in, and explore the differences between A19 and BR30 light bulbs.

Bulb Shape

A19 and BR30 are simply two different standardized shapes for light bulbs. 

The "A" in A19 refers to Arbitrary, a series of light bulbs with a shape often compared to an upside-down pear. This is the classic bulb shape most people look for when shopping for a light bulb. The digits that follow the A, refer to the diameter of the bulb - measured in eighths of an inch.

The BR30, however, has a flat end which is better equipped to provide directional lighting. The BR stands for Bulge Reflector, referring to the reflective coating found inside the bulb that directs the light straight forward. 

Lighting Purpose 

The A19’s shape and absence of in-built reflectors mean that the light bulb emits omnidirectional lighting, dispersing light evenly across the surrounding environment, rather than focusing on a particular area.

When you are needing more directional lighting, the BR 30 light bulb is a better choice. The reflective coating and flat shape work to point light straight ahead, instead of dispersing the light. This means you can enjoy targeted lighting, directly where you need it most. 

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BAZZ’s BR30 bulb has a 109˚ beam angle while the A19 bulb has a beam angle of 205˚.

In Which Environment Should I Place the Bulbs?

Because the A19 disperses light across a wider area than the directional BR30, the light bulb is great for replacing floor lamps and hanging ceiling fixtures. Placed in these fixtures, the bulb is best able to light the entire room. That being said, it can be used in almost any household fixture.

Conversely, BR light bulbs fit nicely in recessed fixtures in the hallway or office, for example. The shape and reflective coating of the BR30 casts more direct light making the bulb ideal for task lighting. 

At Bazz Smart Home, we have both Smart LED WiFi BR30 bulbs and Smart LED WiFi A19 bulbs for whatever lighting your home needs. When paired with our app, the smart bulbs provide stress-free smart home lighting, controllable from wherever you are with a tap of a button.

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