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How to Set Up Different LED Light Moods To Stimulate Productivity?

How Does Color Affect Mood?

You know how you walk into a room and just feel your mood change for the better? It could be thanks to the colors and lighting found in the space! While color therapy (chromotherapy) was used to treat ailments in ancient times, modern studies have documented the impact of lighting color on heart rate, circadian rhythms, and overall mood.

For example, retail stores tend to use bright lighting to energize the mind, subconsciously encouraging people in these settings to buy things. Similarly, libraries and fine dining restaurants have softer lights that help visitors relax when they are there for an extended period of time. 

Which Colors Impact Mood?

You can find inspiration in the way your home looks. Using smart bulbs that change color can create different moods throughout your day. While not everyone finds colors affect their moods, these are the most prominent shades and are known to evoke. 

Blue: The blue color can be seen as a sense of security, which means that it is more likely to increase productivity. Perfect for offices or workspaces.

Purple: Purple is a powerful color that can help you find inspiration for creative projects. The soothing qualities of the hue mean it is ideal if your work needs some serious focus or if solving complex problems has been weighing on you lately.

Red: The boldest of all colors is known to increase your appetite. If you want to increase your appetite, then use red lighting in a dining room.

Green: You can create a mood of peace and harmony with just one color. Green is the best choice because it's easy on your eyes. Perfect in spaces where you practice meditation and yoga.  

Yellow: Yellow lights are the perfect color to relax in. The calming, yellow glow will make you feel like your mind can wander off anywhere it wants. Use this hue in spaces of rest and relaxation like your bedroom. 

The Benefit of Setting Your Light Moods

When it comes to getting the best of your home, you can't just focus on colored walls. You need some bright and happy lights to boost your mood! Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing lights to set the atmosphere in your space.  

1) Remove Stress

When you feel like you can't possibly change a stressful mood, you might be able to influence it with the proper lighting. Blue is an excellent color for this because not only does it melt stress away and make us feel relaxed, studies have shown that blues also may help promote creativity by increasing mental acuity! 

"Through associations with the sky, the ocean and water, most people associate blue with openness, peace and tranquility," says Zhu, who conducted the research with UBC PhD candidate Ravi Mehta. "The benign cues make people feel safe about being creative and exploratory. Not surprisingly it is people's favourite colour."

2) Protect Your Eyes

The calming nature of green is perfect for anyone who needs to focus on a task at hand. That's why accountants often wear shades and lamps with this color because it doesn't cause eye strain!

3) Enhance Creativity

The color yellow can improve the mood in any room, and it's perfect for getting creative juices flowing. It'll make you feel like your brain is working at full capacity! 

4) Remove Stress

Why is blue the perfect color for your smart lighting? It's because it melts stress away and helps you to relax. As described in a study by Australian scientists from the University of Wollongong, "blue lights seem more relaxing than other colors." 

Can You Adjust Colors with Smart LED Lights?

What's great about BAZZ Smart Home is that with our Smart wifi RGB+ LED lights, you can control lighting through our app or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of different colors, and create dynamic light routines. Anytime, anywhere. 

BAZZ Smart Home LED Lights

Move over Phillips Hue and Lifx Wifi Smart Led Light Bulbs, BAZZ Smart Home is the one-stop shop for the best smart home lights and more! Here are just a few of our top sellers. 

Recess Light

Transform your home into a smart one with the new 6" LED RGB Recessed Light Fixture Kit! Our revolutionary color-changing wifi downlight uses your existing wifi network and doesn't require any hub or bridge. Simply install, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS & Android), and enjoy complete control from anywhere. 

A19 Light Bulb 

The A19 Smart RGB LED bulb is the perfect way to transform your home into a smart one. With wifi capabilities, it's ideal for use in any area that needs illumination. Set a party mood for get-togethers, turn your living room into a movie theater, create schedules to turn lighting off at nighttime, and more! 


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Tips How to Create Different Color Moods

No matter the color you desire, adding more hues to your everyday life can be super simple with the help of BAZZ Smart Home!

Light Therapy

Light therapy is often used to help people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) feel less depressed. The most common light therapy colors are white or occasionally blue lighting, but a 2015 report in the Journal of Affective Disorders found little scientific merit for using light in this way. Before spending hundreds on expensive light therapy gadgets, use our color-changing bulbs to boost your mood instead. 

Apply LED Light Strips

Style and mood lighting options abound with easy-to-use LED slight trips. With RGB lights, homeowners can customize their home's atmosphere in an endless number of ways! 

Apply Solar Outdoor Lighting

The benefits of solar outdoor lighting are endless. They save on energy costs and look great! Smart lights can provide you with hassle-free long-term use without any maintenance or installation, making them the best choice for those who want their space well-lit! Shop our newest addition to the BAZZ Smart Home lighting line here

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