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Smart Home Automation Guide for Tech-Savvy Enthusiasts

Home Automation Guide: How Can I Automate my Home | BAZZ Smart Home

Ready to start automating your home, but don't know where to start? We're listing the top ways to begin your home automation journey today! 

What Does Home Automation Mean? 

The term home automation refers to the straightforward small alterations you can make to your space to make it a smart one (like smart bulbs) to the significant changes you can integrate (like recessed lighting). Where you start will purely depend on priorities and budget, but with home automation, the sky is truly the limit with what you can do!  

Step 1: Set Up Smart Lights to Turn On/Off on Schedule

The first step to automate your home will most likely be a smart lighting system. Installation can be done as quickly as purchasing smart light bulbs at your local hardware store and installing them in your current light fixtures. Or, if you want to truly elevate the look of your space, installing recessed fixtures that have cutting edge smart home automation capabilities is both easier and less expensive than you may think! Smart lights have many Smart Home benefits such as on/off on timers, adjusting the colors, or dimming the bulb. What's great about smart lighting is that you'll be able to see when they are off or on from wherever you are, as many models can be controlled via smartphone. Setting up routines for your lighting can also cut hydro costs, and can deter intruders while you're on vacation. 

Step 2: Automate All Your Electronics, Appliances and Devices

Another way to instantly automate your home is by investing in smart plugs. These are an easy-to-install device that will give you the capability to control your plugged-in devices from wherever you are. While almost every type of electronic and appliance on the market nowadays has some smart hub integration, smart plugs save you the money of having to purchase all new products to get the smart capabilities! 

Step 3: Replace All Your Remote Controls with Your Smartphone or Tablet 

BAZZ Smart Home line has a reasonably priced Smart Wi-Fi IR Remote Control Converter that supports over 90 000 codes for TV, Audio/video, receivers, and air conditioners. This product also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, allows you to schedule auto-on/off timers, and enables you to control your devices from wherever you are in the world! It makes for the perfect accessory for those who live in warmer climates who don't want to spend a fortune on cooling their homes while they're away. Turn on your A/C an hour before you get home from your smart device, and you're done!

Step 4: Install Smart Door Contact and Water Leak Sensors for better safety. 

The fourth step in automating your home is to take care of your family's safety. Knowing if there's an emergency at home no matter where you are is one of the greatest perks of smart home technology. With door contacts and water leak sensors, you'll be notified instantly via alerts on your phone when it detects an issue. There are also some insurance companies that will give you a better price for their coverage if you install these types of smart home security features!

Step 5: Install a Wi-Fi Motorized Camera for Security

If you're worried about the security of your home, don't skip this step! Installing a smart camera within your home can give you the peace of mind you've been looking for. These cameras connect to your Wi-Fi in just a few simple steps and allow you to see and speak with visitors (whether they're wanted or not) from your smartphone. Whether you're in your backyard or are halfway across the world, you'll be able to check in on what matters most in your home. 

With these tips, you'll be well on your way to automating your home to work for you! Start today by integrating the fun and affordable BAZZ Smart Home products into your space.

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