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Is the Rising Demand for Home Design Automation Changing Architecture?

Is the Rising Demand for Home Design Automation Changing Architecture?


Homeowners are now setting the standard of living with smart home technologies as the standard, causing architects to work with home automation companies to create beautiful, customizable homes, meeting the aspirations (and budget) of the homeowner.

To meet home requirements, architectural design has gone through many changes, including the incorporation of smart wiring, dedicated spaces for systems and sensors to be places for remote control appliances, embedded devices for interactive technology, and combining older structures with smart technology to preserve architectural integrity. 

When planning how to build a home that has the capacity for smart home automation, it is essential to take in the factors of energy efficiency, partnering with the right technology providers, intelligent control systems catering to the needs of the residents, and creating a safe, independent life for whoever moves in.

Home Design Automation is a Lifestyle

Supports Independent Living

Whether you want to set your elderly parents or grandparents up with a system that will help them adapt to new technologies, or you want to help a disabled friend or family member by adding Smart Automation to their home, helping them become more independent inside and outside the house. 

With home monitoring for safety, video doorbells for the ability to communicate with visitors, and smart speakers amongst other automation available, the path to independence and the future is clear for the more vulnerable who can significantly benefit from smart home automation.

Cost-effective Approach

Many entry-level home automation systems are very cost-effective while providing devices that protect, educate, add ambiance, and generally make life easier. For example, a smart home monitoring system from BAZZ can cost around $140 or just over $100 on sale! 

More User Control

When users are more in control of their smart technology, they feel more satisfied and comfortable with their home's functionality and capabilities. You can adjust settings in any Smart Home system or product you buy to suit your needs, schedule, and lifestyle.

Enhanced Functionality and Aesthetics

Smart homes were once thought of as a trend, but with their increase in popularity, they show no sign of slowing down as users realize how much they benefit their daily lives. People can enhance the functionality of their home, catering to their needs, while quickly incorporating these functions into their taste in decor. 

Home decor products like laminates can have enhanced safety features while maintaining their aesthetic. With tiny doorbell cameras, small smart speakers, and embedded or hidden ambient lighting, you can show your personal taste throughout your home without large, noticeable technological devices getting in the way. The sleek design of all BAZZ products is made for a modern home full of personality and functionality. 

How Architects are Viewing the Home Design Automation Trends 

The Future is Luxury Homes

Smart homes offer a superior, luxury living experience on a budget, maximizing comfort and home security. You can monitor your home from anywhere with a smartphone, and you can enjoy contactless amenities that don't disrupt the aesthetic flow of your home. Extremely customizable features complement anyone's lifestyle, providing motion sensor lights that promote energy efficiency. You don't have to be rich to enjoy luxury - and the increasing prominence of smart homes proves that. 

Automated and Intuitive Home Decor

While the need for energy efficiency rises, smart solutions are becoming more available every day. "Intuitive interiors" provide integrated home automation and wiring solutions before the building even begins, so your smart home looks just like a regular home with all the extra benefits. Customers can now enjoy touch-free technology, home security, smart doorbells, mood lighting, motion sensors for energy efficiency, and auto-dispensing sink faucets. 

Incorporating Enhanced Safety Features

Since the pandemic, making your home a safe and comfortable haven is key. You can create spa-style bathrooms and cozy hobby areas while maximizing the light in your home, the ventilation, and your personal security - all with smart home automation. 

Saying Yes to Versatile Homes

Design is not just about aesthetics - it's about solving problems that can be noticeable after living in a home for a while. Smart home automation addresses these problems by allowing complete customization to users, incorporating multifunctional and transformable spaces and furniture into the smart design. Platform beds with storage, folding furniture to maximize space, and movable partitions complement smart home products' minimal, sleek design. 

The Future is Smart with BAZZ

To learn more about how design automation is changing the architecture of our homes, check out this home automation guide from BAZZ Smart Home, as well as shopping all Smart Home Monitoring Systems and Smart Home Kits today to enjoy a safe, smart future with BAZZ. 

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