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Smart Home Automation Benefits for Your Household

BAZZ Smart Home Benefits

While smart homes were once thought of as futuristic, it's now become standard for companies to integrate smart technology into products we use every day, that may have not had these capabilities previously. If you're shopping for a new air conditioner, you may have noticed that all of the latest models have built-in smart home capacities. Or, if you've recently bought a diffuser, you may have been surprised to see that it's capable of being connected to an app! While we’ve known about smart bulbs and plugs for some time now, now’s the time to automate your home as it’s more affordable and attainable than ever before! 

If you haven't made a move towards automating your home or are looking to complete the fully teched out home of your dreams, here are four great smart home automation solutions you should be integrating within your space.

1) Make Your House Work For You

Before you start selecting gear for your smart home, you're going to have to reflect on your daily routine and start with products that you feel could be helpful from the get-go. For example, if you're a working mother who is always on the move, investing in lights that can be controlled from anywhere from an app or smart wi-fi plugs that can be used with preexisting outlets can make a world of difference. Think of all of the Instant Pot meals you'll be able to make that will be ready when you walk in the door from work! 

Smart Home Wifi Plug -Smart Home Automation Benefits

What's great about smart home technology is that it's become easier to integrate within your home without the use of a hub. Many products on the market can be controlled from anywhere, with just an app on your smartphone. In fact, all of BAZZ Smart Home products can be controlled by its smart app, or integrated within your current Google Home or Alexa.

2) Control Your Lights from Anywhere

    Are you a family that's always on the move? Whether you're going out on your next big adventure or wanting to make sure your kids have turned off all of the lights before heading to school, as long as you have an internet connection, you'll be able to control your lights from wherever you are in the world! 

    Even if you're not halfway across the country, this type of automation can be ideal for when you can't bear the thought of getting off the couch and shutting off the lights once you're snuggled in for a movie night. 

    3) Affordable and Reliable Smart Home Security 

    Another significant benefit of smart home automation is that keeping your home secure is more affordable than ever. Smart home monitoring bundles can be purchased now for much less than what homeowners would usually pay for pricey security services. 

    smart home house alarm kit

    While some popular smart home security brands like Nest include a subscription service to utilize their features, others send notifications on your smartphone or tablet when a movement or a water leak is detected or when doors or windows are open or when the alarm is triggered WITHOUT the need of additional fees! Smart home security products also give you the advantage to stream video from your home in real-time or even record video or take a picture from your smartphone or tablet. 

    Is this the year you'll turn your home into a smart one? Start today by integrating the fun and affordable BAZZ Smart Home products into your space! Enter the coupon code BAZZ20 at checkout to receive 20% off your first purchase. 

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