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How Do Smart Bulbs Work

What Are Smart Bulbs?

Smart bulbs are a fantastic addition to the home, as they are controlled wirelessly through your smartphone or tablet. Some bulbs are dimmable, can change color and even be connected to other smart home devices to turn on when triggered or scheduled. Smart bulbs are still capable of being controlled manually but allows you to turn them off and on from wherever you are with ease! 

How Do They Actually Work?

A smart bulb is a light bulb that connects to your smartphone or tablet. While most smart bulbs like Philip hue need a home automation hub, BAZZ Smart Home products do not! All you need is our app to pair with your smart lighting devices to operate them wirelessly. 

What Can A Smart Bulb Do?

A smart bulb is a wifi-enabled LED light bulb that allows for lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely from your smartphone or tablet through an app. Many types of smart bulbs will enable you to control their brightness and RGB color. 

When paired to the App, BAZZ Smart Home's smart lighting line can be turned on and off, dimmed, adjusted from warm to cool. Some can even change the color to suit your mood! Our smart bulbs and fixtures line can also connect with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands.

BAZZ Smart Home lighting can also be automated within the app to be a part of a lighting schedule based on your lifestyle. For example, you can time your bulbs to turn off at a particular time of day or even turn on when a smart WiFi motion sensor is triggered. 

Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs 

Turn any light on/off in seconds.

Forgot to turn your lights off downstairs before heading to bed? No need to get up! With a smart bulb, you can turn on or off a light no matter where it is in your home with just a tap in the BAZZ Smart Home app. 

Control lights with your voice

To make things even more comfortable, BAZZ Smart Home bulbs can be connected to smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and google home. If you connect your smart bulbs to a smart assistant, you don't even need to use your phone to set the mood; you can use your voice!

Conserve energy and save money

Most people find that they end up saving money on energy bills when they get smart bulbs. BAZZ Smart Home lights are LED and last up to 25 times longer than usual incandescent lighting. 

Have full control over your home

There's not much choice in terms of the ambiance when you have a standard light bulb. With BAZZ Smart Home lighting, you have the option to customize the color, whiteness, and brightness of lighting in each room of your house. 

Cost of Smart Light Bulbs

While the cost of smart light bulbs varies, the benefits of LED lighting is plentiful. For 25,000 hours of usage, an LED bulb will cost you $30 to power, around $150 less than incandescent bulbs! Shop BAZZ Smart Home Lighting to see which price point fits your lifestyle.

What You Need for a Smart Lighting System

The easiest way to introduce smart lighting into your home is by purchasing bundles! These smart home kits allow you to easily transform your rooms into fully automated lighting spaces and are less costly than buying bulbs separately. Depending on your current lighting, you may choose from recessed lighting fixtures, LED Smart Bulbs, or a conversion kit. We recommend purchasing a smart lighting switch compatible with standard incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, or WiFi lights for high traffic spaces. 

Siri vs. Alexa

In most cases, you can find smart home lighting that works with Siri or Alexa. It's recommended to check Apple's, Amazon's and Google's full list of supported devices to see if yours works with the platform in question. While our smart lighting needs no hub, you can use voice control through Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap) or Google Assistant!

What Kind of Smart Light Bulbs Should I Choose? 

A19 and BR30 are the two most popular bulb shapes, but both operate very differently. The A19 disperses light evenly across the surrounding environment. In spaces that require more directional lighting, the BR30 has a reflective coating and flat shape that directs light straight ahead. 

The A19's dispersed light is excellent for floor lamps and hanging ceiling fixtures. Conversely, BR30 bulbs are ideal for the in recessed fixtures. For more information, visit our comprehensive guide of AR19 and BR30 bulbs

How Long Does It Last? 

Since all smart light bulbs are LED, these bulbs last much longer than incandescent alternatives. And because LED bulbs are 90 percent more efficient, you may even see a reduction in your energy bill if you switch enough bulbs to BAZZ Smart Home LED lighting! 

Are Smart Light Bulbs Worth the Money?

Outfitting your home with smart light bulbs doesn't have to break the bank. Bazz Smart Home starter kits are worth the money and are perfect for those new to the world of smart home automation. While there will be an upfront cost, consider your needs first. Learn how to convert your recessed lighting to LED here.

The BAZZ Smart Home Lighting line effortlessly brings new life into your home by using your existing light fixtures. The BAZZ conversion kit even goes a step beyond - transforming standard recessed lights into smart LED lighting!

With the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), you can turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of colors, and create dynamic light sequences.

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