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How to Build an Affordable Home Security System?

Keeping your home and family safe shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Feeling protected as you go to bed at night is what every parent and homeowner wants, and it’s our mission to make this a reality for families across the country. 

In the modern world, a security system with a monthly subscription and extensive installation isn’t necessary. There are a whole host of devices available to homeowners that allow simple and affordable home security protection. 

Read on as we detail some of the best devices that can help shore up your home’s defenses without breaking the bank. 


What are the odds that your home will be broken into? We often suspect unfortunate events such as this will never happen to us, but according to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US - that’s 3,300 burglaries every day! 

Break-ins are the top concern for Americans, with 62% citing a break-in as their top property crime worry. Although burglary is a constant worry and indeed a real-life challenge for millions every year, home security systems are often overlooked - just 24% of Americans have one installed to protect their property.

If your home is not currently set up with security devices, your home is 300% more likely to be robbed. And with the average burglary costing nearly $3,000, that’s a significant expense considering there are plenty of affordable smart home security options available. 

With the help of the smart home monitoring devices listed below, you’ll never have to worry about break-ins and burglaries again. 

Security Camera

Every smart security system needs a camera. They are the eyes of your operation, running 24/7 to capture every movement and unsuspecting intruder in the act. To bolster your defense and ensure nothing is left to chance, it’s recommended that you install both indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Outdoor cameras need to be mounted in areas overseeing key entry points and ideally be motorized. Inside, you need a simple plug-in-and-play security camera that lets you keep a close eye on your family and happenings even when you’re not there.

Despite what you might think, security cameras don’t have to be expensive, and even affordable options can carry a host of handy features. BAZZ smart security cameras capture HD footage and ensure nothing goes uncaptured with night vision and wide viewing angles. See the moments that matter in up to 1080p quality!

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are perhaps the most beneficial tool for detecting home intruders, helping you remain alert to emergencies day and night.

A smart motion sensor can be placed above your prized possessions and immediately alerts you of suspicious movement. Featuring a 110-degree viewing angle and 4-6 meter range, the BAZZ motion sensor keeps your belongings safe even when you’re halfway around the world. 

If you are more concerned about your home’s entry points, contact sensors can be placed around your home’s doors and windows. When a breach is detected, you receive a direct mobile alert where you can trigger a siren or turn on lighting to scare off the intruder. 

Sensors are an easily fastenable option, perfect for windows and doors not covered by cameras. As your needs grow, you can add more sensors and instantly pair them to your existing smart home system. 

Water Detector

Protecting your home doesn’t just mean from outside forces. Smart home devices also keep you and your family protected from the potential hazards inside your home. 

Every day, 14,000 Americans experience a water damage emergency at home or work. A smart water leak sensor stops costly leaks in their tracks by informing you of a leak as soon as it happens. When the sensor is paired with a water shutter valve, the water flow automatically turns off at the first sign of leakage.

Smart Doorbell     

Smart Doorbells are a comparatively new addition to the smart home security system. Although the device is primarily admired for simplifying parcel deliveries, the smart doorbell bolsters security surveillance, too!  

The smart device connects to your WiFi network and sends a mobile alert when someone approaches your doorway. Through the companion app, you can watch live video, record, and communicate with the visitor; allowing you to ward off intruders from anywhere in the world.  

For the best smart doorbell, pick a model that offers a high-resolution picture, wide-angle lens, night vision, and easy storage. The BAZZ Smart Video Doorbell captures 1080p HD video and has two-way audio to let you communicate with ease. Thanks to first-class night vision and motion sensors, you can catch intruders-to-be in the act before they get started. 

When it comes to affordable home security that keeps your family safe and protected, BAZZ Smart Monitoring systems stand above the rest. BAZZ has everything needed to protect your home and family from indoor and outdoor HD security cameras to motion sensors and smart doorbells.

Install the devices with ease and enjoy subscription-free protection. No monthly fees, just 24/7 smart protection. Explore our security range and bolster your home’s defense today!

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