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How to Choose the Best TikTok LED Lights

What are TikTok Lights?

If you watch a lot of TikTok videos, you'll notice all of the best, most-watched ones have great lighting. No one wants to watch a video that looks underlit because they look amateurish. TikTok videos need to look slick, and LED lights are the perfect way to give your videos a little extra "oomph." The good news is that LED lights aren't very costly and are very versatile. You can switch between millions of colors and give your videos a look that will earn you followers and fans.

What are TikTok Lights Used For?

TikTok lights serve a variety of purposes - the likes of which are limited only by the creators' imaginations. A simple use of LED lights is to highlight the face of whoever is featured in the videos. Typically, content creators use LED ring lights, which are the standard for anyone filming themselves. But, there are a lot more ways to use TikTok LED lights.

Dance Background Lights

One of the most popular kinds of TikTok videos are "dance challenge" videos. These are the types of videos where people dance along to songs, and typically the lighting scheme or colors change with the beat. This is actually very easy to do with LED strip lights. They attach to any surface, and there are millions of colors to choose from. So, if these are the kind of TikTok videos you want to create, LED strip lights are an excellent investment.

Colorful TikTok Lights Trend

A great thing about LED lights is that you can really do anything you want with them. Current trends include "galaxy lights," which project lights onto your walls. Even really cheap LED lighting setups like string lights (the same kind you'd use at Christmas) and fairy lights, which you can get for just a few bucks at any electronics store can give your videos a unique look.

Ambient Lighting

If you want to up your game as far as your TikTok lighting goes, there are some other fantastic options. One is to use recessed lighting, which can be dimmed to a subtle level and give you that warm hue that could set the perfect mood for your videos. If you don't have recessed cans, you can still use Smart WIFI LED bulbs in your current lights to affect a similar style. 

Mood Lighting

As you can tell from watching any really good TikTok video, lighting sets a mood, but you have to experiment with colors and styles to make effective lighting choices. That's why LED lights are so crucial for TikTok, as you can totally change the vibe of your lighting with just the click of a button.

How to Set Up TikTok Lights

TikTok LED lights take minimal setup. Install LED bulbs in your recessed cans or existing fixtures for ambient lighting. If you want to use LED light strips, they have everything you need in the package, including adhesive strips and a power source. Even string lights and fairy lights can be used creatively with little more than solid adhesives like command strips. It really doesn't take much effort to set them up, and there are loads of DIY videos on YouTube to give you some fresh ideas for your setup.

Mobile App

Most smart LED lights are controlled via mobile apps, which allow you to customize the colors and timing of the lights. This is especially important in dance challenge videos as you can set them to change colors every time a song hits a new beat. Most apps include a "music mode," which makes customizing the lights a breeze.

Which LED Lights do TikTokers Use?

LED Light Strip

If you really want to take your videos to the next level as far as your TikTok LED lights go, consider the BAZZ 10 ft. Smart WiFi RGB LED Light Strip. Everything you need is included, such as connector cables and a 5 ft plug. You can also easily connect another strip, and the strips are controlled via the BAZZ Smart Home app, where you can choose from millions of colors and customize the lighting however you want. 

LED Recessed Lighting Fixture

If you're looking to set a mood or experiment with ambient lighting, you need the BAZZ 6" Smart WiFi Color + White LED Recessed Light Fixture (4-Pack). You get instant downlight with these lighting kits, and they're easy to install. Even better is that the lights work with your existing WiFI setup, so no smart hubs or additional software is needed. They're fully dimmable with a bulb life of up to 25,000 hours and can be used indoors or outdoors. You can experiment with soft and cool lighting that should give your TikTok videos just the right vibe.

LED Light Bulbs

Turn your existing lights into smart lights using a BAZZ Smart WiFi RGB LED bulb. Each bulb is controllable via the BAZZ Smart Home app and works with your current WiFi setup. If you're new to smart home lighting, check these bulbs out. You'll be amazed at the difference they can make to your TikTok videos.


Which LED Lights do TikTokers Use?

TikTok video creators use a wide variety of LED lights for their TikTok videos. If you're looking to establish a mood and change your ambient light, recessed lighting fixtures, or LED, Smart WiFi bulbs are necessary. LED Light Strips are your best option if you want to get really creative or create dance challenge videos. No matter what you choose, LED lighting can up your game as far as your TikTok videos go. They're reasonably priced, versatile, and - most importantly - look really cool! 

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