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How to Install Your Motion Sensor Effectively to Enhance Home Security

Where to install your motion sensor

The very best home security systems have at least one of two motion sensors. Motion sensors are an essential burglar deterrent that protect your home and precious belongings, even when you’re away from your property.

When motion is detected in your home, the smart device alerts you and allows you to react with lights or a siren. The motion sensor is unquestionably a handy device for keeping tabs on your home, but the location is paramount to its success. 

Let’s face it, there’s no point purchasing the best motion sensor if you are going to install it in a low-traffic, low-threat area. In this post, we discuss the best places to install motion sensors so that you bolster your home security and stop intruders in their tracks. 

How Does A Smart Sensor Function?

Motion sensors are smart home security devices that use a sensor to detect motion in a given area. You can make the most informed decision about where to place them in your home by understanding how they work. 

Sensors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are built to detect leaks, some for smoke, and others to detect motion. For security purposes, a motion sensor is ideal for protecting your home from intruders. 

Once installed, motion sensors send alerts, trigger sirens, or turn on lights when motion is detected in covered areas. There are two sensors available for bolstering home security: the motion sensor and the contact sensor.

The motion sensor attaches to any wall or ceiling and detects motion in the space that it’s positioned. Contact sensors are an alternative that fasten to doors and windows and alert you when one of your home’s entry points is opened without your knowledge.

Sensors are a beneficial device for alerting you to emergencies day and night. When it comes to how effective they will be, much depends on where you place them. Take the time to plan your placement with these handy tips.

Recommended Areas to Place Your Smart Sensors

1) Basement Windows

Basement windows are the target entry point for the craftiest of intruders. Attaching contact sensors to your basement windows and doors mean that you’ll be the first to know if one of them is opened. Conventional motion sensors also work great in basement settings because basements typically have open spaces with few barriers that block the sensor. 

2) High traffic areas

At least one motion sensor should be placed in high traffic areas. Think about the hallways and corridors that connect your home and which locations you pass through most on a day-to-day basis. These locations are great for motion sensors because an intruder has no option but to use these hallways as they move through the house. 

3) Corners

The corner of a room always gives the most expansive view of a room. Fit your motion sensor in the corner to give the device the best view for detecting movement. BAZZ motion sensors have a 110-degree viewing angle, and our motorized camera with an inbuilt motion sensor has a 355-degree wide viewing angle!

4) Over each doorway

Catch intruders by surprise by installing motion sensors above doorways. The sensor will be out of the unsuspecting intruder’s sight as they walk into the room, only to be triggered as soon as they step foot in the room. They will have no idea until it’s too late!

5) Ceiling 

For a birds-eye view over your most prized possessions, fit the motion sensor on the ceiling above. Be careful not to place too high up, though. Motion sensors often have a limited range, meaning if you have exceptionally tall ceilings, the sensor will not detect movement at ground level. The BAZZ Motion Sensor is capable of detecting movement within a 6-meter range.

BAZZ Smart Home sensors are a simple solution to costly home security systems. Our easy to use smart motion sensors give you peace of mind as you'll be immediately alerted via phone or email if the sensor is triggered. 

Simply place in the locations listed above, connect it with the BAZZ Smart Home app, and receive timely alerts when an emergency strikes. No professional installation costs, no recurring monthly fee, and no hub necessary! Take a look at the BAZZ Motion Sensor today to protect your home and family from crime. 

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