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How to Replace LED Recessed Lighting Properly

How to Replace LED Recessed Lighting Properly


In recent years, people have opted for LED lights in their fixtures as a fun, efficient option that provides both ambiance and longevity. Recessed lighting offers lighting in the house's main rooms, like the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, and it is neatly tucked away to provide light but not take away from the space itself.

Converting a regular bulb to LED recessed lighting takes work, but the steps for replacing the lights are easy to remember and can be done in less than an hour. After that, you can enjoy smart lighting controlled by your phone with endless hue and dimming options. 

How to Replace LED Recessed Lighting

Before you begin, you'll want to make sure you have the following:

  • A screwdriver
  • A recessed light fixture
  • A cable clamp
  • A non-contact voltage tester
  • A pencil and drywall saw
  • A hacksaw blade as needed
  • Wire connectors 

Turn Off the Power Completely

You'll first want to turn off the power in your house on the electric service panel by flipping off the circuit breaker. Turn the light switch on and off to confirm the power is off completely, and then continue to the next step.

Open the Lighting Fixture and Test the Power

You will then need to remove the dome/shade on the light and remove the light bulb(s). Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the electrical box, and put the fixture down a few inches to expose wires. Test each wire with a voltage tester so you can once again confirm that the power is off. If there is no voltage, continue to the next step.

Remove Your Old Fixture

Unscrew the wire connectors which join the circuit wires to the light fixture wires and separate them. Don't cut the wires unless they are too long or damaged. Remove any screws securing the old electrical box to the ceiling (you may need to cut through the nails with a hacksaw blade if the box is nailed in place). Loosen the cable clamp on the box and free the circuit cable. Remove the box from the ceiling.

Make Space for the New Fixture Holes

Put your cutting template from the new fixture over the electrical box opening, and use a pencil to trace around the template and mark a cutting outline. Cut along the outline with a drywall saw - be careful not to cause any damage to the wiring inside the ceiling. Remove the pieces of drywall you've cut. 

Connect It with Circuit Cable

Put a cable clamp on the electrical splice box of your new light fixture and feed the circuit cable through the clamp and into the splice box. Secure the cable by tightening the clamp's screws - at least 1/4 -inch of the cable sheathing should extend outside the clamp. 

Connect the Fixture Wires

Connect your circuit wires to the fixture wires and follow the manufacturer's wiring diagram. Secure each connection with a wire connector - the black circuit wires connect to the black fixture wires, white to white, and bare copper to the bare copper or green insulated fixture wires. 

Install the Recessed Fixture

Once you fit the fixture into the hole, insert the portion with the splice box first and then the light canister. Reach inside the canister and snap the ceiling clips downward to lock them onto the backside of the drywall. 

If the fixture has a separate module that holds the bulb, attach the module to the wires in the fixture housing and push the module into the canister. Finally, install your light bulb.

Since all of our recessed LED lights have a jumper box, you'll save yourself some time installing it. BAZZ also offers a conversion kit for traditional canned light, which can help people convert their standard recessed light into a Smart WiFi RGB LED light.

Turn on the Power & Test

Turn on your circuit breaker and test the light via the light switch. If you have access to an attic, cover the fixture above with insulation if it is IC-rated to minimize room heat loss through the fixture.

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