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How to Set Up LED Light Colors for Different Moods & Situations

How to Set Up LED Light Colors for Different Moods & Situations


One of the great things about LED smart lights is that you're not stuck with one color. In fact, you can download a limitless amount of colors that you can change on a whim. Are you looking to set a particular mood? Do you want to change the vibe of a room? With LED smart lights, it's easy.

How Do Colors Affect Mood?

Some folks may think of different color lighting as a novelty. Sure, it's fun to set up green and red lights at Christmas, but day to day, people tend to stick with standard, neutral colors. Still, setting a different color can significantly change your mood for the better. This is what's called "chromotherapy," and people have been doing it since ancient times. For example, when you need to work, do you want to be in a dark or bright room? Where do you feel more productive? But it doesn't end there. If you've ever been in a doctor's office, a retail store, or even a prison, you'll notice different lighting to inspire different moods. 

How to Choose Mood Light per Location? 

If you're all in on color therapy, you'll want to choose specific colors for each room, depending on its purpose. The lighting in a bedroom, where you're supposed to relax, instead of a bathroom, where you're supposed to wake up, should be very different. This is where LED mood light strips come in handy. Here are some tips.

Mood Light for Bedroom

For your bedroom, you want lighting that's going to relax you. When you wake up first thing in the morning or are looking to unwind, you want a color that's easy on the eyes. Color psychology suggests blue is the perfect color for your bedroom as it relaxes people and reduces anxiety. Lavender, which has blue as a base color, is another good choice that helps people unwind. If you want to get a bit more adventurous, you could even go with light pink, but aim for a color that's easy on the eyes. Warm colors should be the goal.

Mood Light for Living room

Your living room is a different story. This is where being able to adjust your colors using LED smart lights is key, as the color you want for a get-together with friends is probably different than the lighting you'd want if you were unwinding and watching TV. LED mood light strips are easy to adjust and can even be programmed to change with the music you're playing if you're having friends over and entertaining. Of course, when watching a movie, some people like to go for a movie theater-style atmosphere, and that's easily attainable here, but you can also get a bit more adventurous and go for some greens, purples, and yellows. Pro tip: try putting the mood strips around the frame of your tv. 

Mood Light for Bathroom

For a bathroom, the light you want is white. There's a difference between cold white, which calms emotions and makes you feel refreshed, and warm white, which is all about comfort. And then there's neutral white, which makes a room look bigger. With smart LED lighting, you can try them all. 

How Does Blue Light Affect Mood?

Blue lighting is meant to be relaxing and to help reduce anxiety. So if you're looking to make a room you're in feel like the perfect place to chill out and unwind, blue or blue-based colors should do the trick.

How Does Green Light Affect Mood?

Green is considered the color of nature and can enhance concentration. While some may scoff at the idea of working in an office with green lighting, you might want to give it a try. It's known to reduce glare and is often used in operating theaters at hospitals.

How Does Red Light Affect Mood?

If you go out for dinner, take notice of the lighting. It's probably red or uses a red base. That's because it apparently enhances metabolism and blood pressure, making you eat more. It also can signify danger, passing, love and more. It's definitely NOT a neutral color.

How Does Yellow Light Affect Mood?

Yellow is a color that attracts attention. It can signify joy or energy, but too much yellow can be bad, as it's so attention-getting it can disturb people. Color Psychology even suggests babies cry more in a room with yellow walls or light. 

How Does Purple Light Affect Mood?

Purple is your halfway point between blue and red. It's the color of royalty and can cover wealth and extravagance. It has the anxiety calming aspect of blue, but it's less relaxed and more motivating. 

Use Smart Light to Change the Color to Create Scenery

If you're working from home in this post-COVID-19 world, you might have a little bit of cabin fever. If you're looking to change your surroundings a bit, coloured LED lighting is the perfect way to do this. You'd be amazed how different styled lighting can make a difference in your mood. 

BAZZ LED Recessed Lighting

If you're looking to experiment a bit with color, BAZZ Recessed lighting makes it easy. You can use the BAZZ smart home app to change colors on a whim wherever you are.

BAZZ LED Light Bulbs

If you do not have recessed lighting set up, you can also immediately transform your existing lights into smart lights by buying a BAZZ Smart WiFi bulb, which you can control via an app. You can choose whatever color you want to spruce up your office or home today!

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