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How to Install a Video Doorbell Camera in 6 Simple Steps

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How to Install a Hardwired Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are a smart purchase. You can keep track of who comes to your door and when! For example, are you someone who receives a lot of deliveries? How would you like to be notified anytime a package arrives? With a smart video doorbell, you'll never miss a delivery again!

So, how do you install a doorbell camera? It's easy. If you bought a battery-powered model, charge the battery, mount it, and you're done. However, if you purchased a hardwired one, things are a bit more complicated. While you won't have to worry about charging batteries, the setup is a bit more involved. Don't worry, though: we’ve got you covered!

Tools You Will Need

Here's some good news - the Smart Doorbell you buy (such as this one) has pretty much everything you need included. For example, it'll have a screwdriver and screws, a wall mount, bracket support, a chime kit, and 3M stickers.

However, it would be a good idea to have a flathead screwdriver on hand as well as a box cutter to remove your old doorbell. A drill will have come in handy if you have to drill into brick or stucco.

Step 1: Shut Off the Breaker for Your Existing Doorbell

Now that you're ready to start installing your doorbell, the first thing you have to do: shut off the breaker that controls the power to your existing doorbell. If you don't happen to know which breaker it's connected to, try shutting one breaker off at a time and then testing whether or not your doorbell still functions. If you want to install the doorbell safely, you have to disconnect the power.

Step 2: Find and Inspect Your Doorbell Transformer

This is where it gets a little tricky. If your doorbell transformer doesn't provide the right amount of voltage, the new bell won't work. And if the transformer voltage is too high, you could overload and damage the doorbell. Consumer Reports explains that finding a transformer is pretty straightforward. Just open the doorbell chime box and trace where the wire connected to the "trans" terminal goes. If you can't find it, look near your circuit breaker as that's where they're often installed. They're pretty easy to find, as they should have the voltage written on them. If they don't, you might need to test it with a multimeter, although you can also replace a transformer pretty cheaply at your hardware store.

Step 3: Connect to the Internet

Connect your doorbell through your WiFi router. First, make sure your network isn't overloaded. A good idea would be to add a WiFi access point to extend the range of your router. Try buying one that's the same brand as your router. If the router is ancient, you may want to replace it. A WiFi video doorbell needs a robust and solid connection.

Step 4: Mount the New Video Doorbell

This is the easy part. Attach the brackets where you want your doorbell to go. Make sure you're running your doorbell wires through the hole in the bracket before you screw it in. Once the brackets are in place, connect the wires to the back of your video doorbell. Stuff the wires back into the wall, attach the doorbell to the brackets, and screw in the security screws that came packed with your bell. That's all there is to it!

Step 5: Turn on the Power and Set Up the Doorbell Through the App

Once you install the doorbell, turn the breaker back on and test it out. Make sure it works properly. Once it does, download the smart home app from your phone and pair it with your doorbell. From there, you should be able to connect it via WiFi, and you're all set!

Why Choose BAZZ Smart WiFi Video Doorbell?

The BAZZ Smart WiFi Video Doorbell is not only cost-effective, but it has all the bells and whistles you need to get the absolute most out of your new purchase. In addition to 1080p video, it also has a built-in mic and speaker so you can communicate with whoever comes to your door. For example, let's say a vital package comes for you when you happen to be at work. With the BAZZ Smart WiFi doorbell, you receive an instant alert via the app, and you can communicate directly with the delivery person. It's like you're at home - even when you're not.

Unlike most security systems, with a BAZZ Smart WiFi doorbell, there are no monthly fees, and everything you need to install the doorbell is included. So install the doorbell, connect it to WiFi via the app (available on iOS and Android), and you're good to go!

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