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How Lighting Lends Itself to Interior Design (8 Expert Tips)

Living room with ceiling lighting accents for interior design

8 Lighting Tips From Interior Designers

Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design, and it can entirely transform a room's look and feel. Proper lighting is key, whether you are aiming for a cozy and inviting space or a modern and minimalist look. In this post, BAZZ Smart Home will share eight tips for installing smart lighting that will make any designer swoon. These tips are a great way to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your living space while simultaneously showcasing your style.

1. Maximize Natural Light

Maximizing the natural light in your home as much as possible will illuminate your decor and make your space seem bigger and more inviting. Floor lamps placed throughout the house, especially in areas where you want to utilize natural light as much as you can, like the living room, home office, and kitchen, can allow you to adjust the dimness and tone to enhance natural light with a Smart WiFi RGB LED Bulb installed in each lamp.

Natural light mixed with a warm-toned floor lamp in the corner of your home office or next to your favorite reading chair can create an intimate yet open feel, syncing your body with the natural rising and setting of the sun while still never leaving you in the dark.

If your house lacks natural light and you want to create a bright effect that looks like sunlight, try hanging a mirror opposite a window to amplify the natural glow, or install a ceiling light like the Smart WiFi RGB + White ceiling fixture from BAZZ. You can adjust the hue, brightness and dim it down when it gets brighter or up when night rolls around. With a full spectrum of color and brightness, it's easy to recreate natural light in any space with BAZZ Smart Home Lighting.

2. Warm Kitchen Lights Create a Restaurant Atmosphere

Create a restaurant vibe in your kitchen or a spa atmosphere in your bedroom and bathroom by using bulbs that can be dimmed and give off a warm tone in your overhead lights and accent lights. The Smart WiFi RGB + White LED Recessed Light Fixtures from BAZZ come in multipacks, so you can add warmth and relaxation to multiple rooms in your house by installing the bulbs in your chandeliers, ceiling lights, sideboards, or table lamps.

With this perfect mix of recessed lighting and task lighting, you can pump up the brightness to read recipes while you're cooking and dim the lights when it's time to enjoy your meal with your partner during an at-home date night. You can also choose to place Smart WiFi RGB LED Strip Lights under your kitchen counters or bathroom counters to optimize your mood lighting and the interior design of your home.

3. Dimmers Optimize Your Lighting Possibilities

Dimmer switches increase your light's capabilities and allow you to fine-tune light sources to suit your interior design and ambient needs. Instead of changing a bulb or light fixture, set your home up with BAZZ Smart Lighting, and all you'll need to change the vibe of any room is a Smart WiFi Wall Switch with a timer and dimming capabilities. 

Depending on the mood you want to create, yellow can inspire efficiency in a home office or reading room, blue can soothe nerves and wake you up, red creates a dramatic vibe for a party or movie night, and a light purple or warm orange is calming to help you relax at the end of the day. Dimmers and Smart Wall Switches help conserve energy, extend bulb life, and enhance your home's interior design with lighting.

4. Minimalism Creates Light and Space

Decluttering the rooms in your home not only relieves stress and anxiety but can free up space to let in natural light and make room for some functional and stylish floor lamps. If you want to keep your floor clean and keep as many home features as hidden as possible, opt for BAZZ Smart Home's recessed lighting kits

Keep your interior design consistent with your lighting by complementing material finishes and color schemes with various hues, tones, and dimming capabilities. Neutral tones like warm, yellow-ish lighting or colder blue-toned lighting make a space look large. 

At the same time, a statement-making pop of color can add a luxurious, exciting aspect to any space that needs some spicing up without buying more furniture or knick-knacks you don't need.

5. Cold Light For Work, Warm Light For Relaxing

Wavelengths and color can profoundly affect the way our brain chemistry works. Shorter wavelengths, like those found in blue-toned cool lights, stimulate the brain's circadian clock and promote productivity and alertness - perfect for a home office or your kitchen while you're trying out a new recipe that you need to follow closely. 

Red, orange, and yellow-toned warm lighting helps you relax after a long day at work. To mimic a campfire effect, it can be the perfect interior design accent in any bedroom, living area, or basement movie room. 

6. Differentiate Task Lighting and Accent Lighting

Task lighting is essential in places where you need to read or work easily without using a small light source like a candle or decorative lamp. Some examples of task lighting include under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, or recessed lighting in your home office. This way, your lights complement your interior design by illuminating a specific area of the room, maximizing productivity and keeping you focused on the "task" at hand.

Accent lighting also accentuates an area, but in a more decorative way. If you want to highlight your favorite reading corner, a display case of heirlooms, your favorite painting, or your bedside table, then accent lighting is the perfect interior design addition to any home. Showcase decorative accents that mean a lot to you, or use a candle, unique table lamp, or a hidden light strip to add warmth and importance to the most-loved areas in your home.

7. Recessed Lighting is a Must-Have

Recessed lighting is an interior design that everyone can agree on - it is low-profile since it's so hidden. Still, it can also change the entire atmosphere of a room right from your Smartphone, whether you're getting ready to wind down for bed or need a bright space to create in. So long as any room in your home permits, we highly suggest recessed lighting and a Smart Switch from BAZZ to create flexible, ambient lighting anytime of the day. 

8. Change Bulbs to Fit Any Fixture's Aesthetic

The bulbs you choose should match the fixtures' aesthetic, but how do you find the perfect bulb for your chandelier, floor lamp, or table light? Get a pack of BR30 Smart WiFi RGB LED Bulbs from BAZZ and adjust the light, color, and brightness in any way that you deem fit the interior design of the fixture in your home. 

When adjusting your bulb's light output, you need to consider the aspect of design that your chandelier or decorative lamp adds to a room, and pick the brightness, color temperature, and placement accordingly. When you have all the features you need in one bulb, you can focus more on lighting as a form of interior design instead of seeing it as an afterthought that can feel like a chore.

Make Your Home Smart & Bright with BAZZ Smart Home

BAZZ's wide array of products will allow you to customize the lighting in your home to fit the ambiance you want. All BAZZ products can be seamlessly used and controlled from the BAZZ Smart Home App and do not need a hub. Through just one app, you'll be able to change the color of your lighting in real-time, create daily routines, turn on and off lights remotely, adjust your white from warm to cool, and more!

If you're looking to use lighting to enhance the interior design of your home, check out BAZZ Smart Home

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