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5 Things Intruders Don't Want You To Know About Self-Monitored Security System

Smart home Self-Monitored Security System

While equipping your home with the latest smart home gadgets is fun, the fact of the matter is many install smart home solutions to deter unwanted intruders. Not only do burglars know-how security set-ups work, but they also have the inside scoop on the pitfalls of your systems! Here are a few things to keep in mind when equipping your home with security solutions.

1) Hallway Mirror 

A mirror in the entryway ensures you'll look your best before heading out the door. But have you ever checked to see if it's reflection shows if your door is secure, or if your security alarm is armed? If so, intruders can too! With just a glance they'll be able to see if your home is fair game to enter, even if you've just left to run a quick errand. 60% of burglars said that if an alarm were present, they'd look for a different house to target. If you have one, use it, even if you're not planning on leaving your house for long.

2) Video Camera Monitoring

Video monitoring makes burglars think twice, and a wireless system can be an immediate deal-breaker. Because of the influx of smart home solutions, would-be thieves know you'll receive instant mobile alerts and can alert authorities quickly. 

3) Be Smart About Outdoor Lighting 

For housebreakers who use the darkness of night in their favor, good lighting is a vital deterrent. One Dutch study revealed that the likelihood of being burglarized diminished when homeowners installed motion sensor lighting or turned on their entryway lights! 

4) Secure Your Windows Properly

Did you know that the most common place a security company alarms is the window above a sink and the windows on the second floor? Burglars look for houses that are clear targets like homes with large kitchen windows, and second-floor balconies and can take as little as ten minutes to get in and out. 

Installing smart motion detectors in your bedroom and securing any windows in the kitchen with contact sensors will ensure thieves will stay away, and your prized possessions will be safe.

Smart WiFi Motion Sensor | Self-Monitored Security System

5) Social Media Bragging

Social media could leave your home exposed to break-ins​. Those geolocation check-ins and pictures of your vacation on Instagram and Facebook show thieves that you are not home.

If you are not a hardcore social user,​ don't post about your vacation in real-time, post about your holiday when you get back.

Doors with glass panels, especially those that aren't double-glazed, are easy to break, which will allow access to the lock or handle of the door. Equipping doors with contact sensors will give you immediate alerts if anyone attempts to enter.

All of our smart home monitoring and security devices are easily installed within your space and will send you instant mobile alerts when intruders trigger motion sensors. When you answer the alert, our security videos allow you to see, record, and speak to the people within your property from your smartphone or tablet. 

The FBI estimates that approximately 2.1 million homes are burglarized every year. Installing security systems in your home can do wonders for your peace of mind. Not only do they allow you to keep a watchful eye on what matters most, but they're also great for alerting you when things go awry within your home!

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