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What are the Benefits of Smart Home Security Devices?

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Security Devices?

Smart home security devices are the modern way to bolster your home security. 

Compared to traditional security systems with limited capabilities, the latest smart home security systems are more secure, more accessible, and more convenient than ever. 

Whether your neighborhood has experienced some recent disturbances or you’ve recently purchased a brand new entertainment system, a smart home security system can watch over your home and valuable possessions 24/7.

With so many benefits, smart technology continues to push the limits and protect our households. If you want to safeguard your property, but aren’t sure of all of the benefits of smart home security devices, read on! 

What is a Smart Home Security System?

A smart home security system means feeling safe in your bed, confident about your children’s safe return, and relaxed about your prized possessions, even when you’re far away. 

Smart home security systems bring a level of control we wouldn’t have deemed imaginable ten years ago, and have entirely revolutionized home security. 62% of Americans claim home security is the top benefit of smart home products!

From smart surveillance cameras to contact and motion sensors, smart home security devices remotely monitor your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Watch footage via live stream, receive notifications when motion is detected, and trigger alarms manually or through automation. 

Keeping your family and possessions safe has never been easier!

What are the Benefits of a Smart Home Security System?

1) Always Alert 

While you could buy professionally installed security systems, these systems come with hidden costs and monthly subscriptions. Some neighborhoods even require homeowners to purchase a permit before installing a security system.

However, with a smart home security system, the control is in your hands, without the need of a permit or monthly subscription.

Products like smart directional cameras are a godsend for when you're out of town. The cameras can be easily installed and moved around within your home, so you can keep a close eye on what matters most. 

Even from your holiday beach bar, you can watch live video footage and look back at recent activity. With BAZZ Smart Home, you’re in control of your security no matter where you are. You can rest easy knowing that your security system won't be sleeping when you are! 

2) Remote Accessibility 

Forgot to arm your home? No problem! Unlike traditional security systems, smart home systems allow you to turn your devices off and on from wherever you are in the world. You can even set devices to turn at specific times - a perfect feature for keeping an eye on children who arrive home from school earlier than you! 

Most of the time, though, you needn’t lift a finger. With automated scenes, you can create sequences that do the work for you. For example, if your door sensor is triggered, you can have your smart camera turn on to catch the intruder in the act! 

3) Better Security

Improving your home security is what you’d expect from smart home security devices, right? Well, once your devices are installed, you’ll have a bolstered home defense that will keep your household completely protected. Once the smart home devices are installed, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to sleep peacefully without it.

4) It Makes Your Home Smart

Smart technology doesn’t just stop at security. Home automation makes your everyday life easier by controlling various aspects of your home, too.

Heat your home (ready for your return from work), turn lights off from your bed, or start up your coffee pot in the morning. All you need is a smartphone, iPad, or desktop computer.

Additionally, IFTTT (If This Then That) capabilities let you connect smart devices and create automated sequences; for example, you could have your smart lighting automatically switch on when motion is detected on your porch. Most smart home devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can control your smart home with your voice! 

5) Increase Home Value

Despite smart home devices being extremely affordable, many still believe they are a luxurious item that is out of reach. 

When you come to sell a property fitted with smart home security, it naturally inflates the home’s value. A consumer report found an automated smart home can increase a home’s value by up to 5%, and 81% of buyers would rather buy a home with smart home devices installed.  

6) Easier to Use

New smart home security systems are going wireless, which means you can carry them with you whenever you like! Smart devices like door contact sensors and motorized cameras are simple to set up and can be up and running within minutes. 

With affordable smart home solutions provided by BAZZ Smart Home, you can equip your home with the latest, easy-to-use security! 

BAZZ Smart Home has everything you need to keep your family safe and home secure. After installation, you will be able to remotely monitor and control the devices directly through the BAZZ Smart Home app. Explore our range and bolster your home’s security today!

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