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Start 2023 Off Right With Smart Lighting In Your Home Gym!

Start 2023 Off Right With Smart Lighting In Your Home Gym!

Many New Year's Resolutions involve getting fit and hitting the gym. With more people staying at home in recent years, having a gym in your basement or spare room has become commonplace. Improve your home gym workout routine by optimizing your lighting setup with BAZZ Smart Home products along with these tips and tricks.

How Much Light Do I Need for a Home Gym?

It is recommended that you have good bulbs, typically LED, that emit 6000K light. Since most gyms have plenty of windows and fluorescent lighting, you want to recreate that experience to an extent to ensure you are as awake and aware as you would be in a regular gym. By using smart lighting, you can ensure your lights stay consistent with your exercise routines and your mood. 

Home gym lighting should be all about your aesthetic and comfort, so we will provide some steps and products you can invest in to complete your home gym and motivate yourself to get moving. 

Home Gym Lighting for Beginners

If you don't have any windows to let in natural light inside your home gym, you should use lighting to recreate sunlight as much as possible. Lots of light from above your head and underneath/next to workout equipment gives you the gym experience while still customizing to what you like.

Fluorescent lighting is trendy in gyms, but the buzz, flicker, and brightness can be harsh on your eyes, especially if you're working out very early in the morning or before bed. This is why having a customized home gym lighting set up can be highly beneficial to your mental and physical health. Having warm, welcoming lights that mimic sunlight or a fun party can encourage you to exercise more while calming your brain or producing serotonin.  

Recessed lighting can give you a great ambiance and light up your whole space with minimal effort - especially if it is Smart recessed lighting offered by BAZZ. LED lights, like bulbs or strip lights, can also give you a colorful effect that will make any intense workout fun. Try to place lights above equipment and equally spaced to ensure proper coverage and a bright environment to meet those 2023 goals.

Smart Lighting for Working Out

Having Smart Lighting in your home gym means you can work out while controlling your lights from your phone. Not home but forgot to turn the lights off? Control the power from the BAZZ Smart Home app. Want to sync up lights to a workout video or your favorite pump-up song? Do it all and more with one tap on your phone. 

You can use Smart Lighting to create a warm glow for early morning stretching, a fluorescent afternoon light for your HIIT workout, a colorful light routine for a choreography session, or a dimmed brightness for evening exercise. Save your favorite presets in your phone, and the BAZZ Smart Home Lighting system will quickly get used to your routine, preferences, and customizability. 

Lighting for Yoga Stretches

Getting started can be the most difficult part of a workout, so having warm lighting for stretching before running on the treadmill or doing stress-easing yoga can calm the mind and protect the body from injury. Transition from warm tones to cooler tones when you get into the harder exercises or set the scene for your individual needs. 

You can even adjust a lighting timer on your LED bulbs or recessed lights to work with your routine - want to wind down after your 30 minutes yoga stretch? Set a timer for 30 minutes and let the warm light dim slightly so you can feel fully relaxed. You can also set a timer for 10 minutes in warm light, switching to a cooler tone to get you ready for your HIIT routine. 

Blues and greens can have calming effects during a challenging workout, and warm yellow light can mimic the sun rising to slowly wake you up while you prepare for your yoga session. The possibilities are endless. 

Lighting for Cooling Down

Bright lights, like fluorescents, can help you feel awake and invigorated during your workout, but a dim, warm-toned light is ideal for cooling down. Let your body know when it's time to start relaxing by setting a timer for a dim, yellow hue to make its way into your home gym, so you don't have to keep looking at the clock. 

Having dimmed lighting when cooling down after a workout can be incredible for enhancing your muscles' appearance and providing perfect lighting to show off those gains! Check out the BAZZ Smart Home Recessed Light Fixtures, which boast many color options and easy installation. 

Lighting for Intense Workouts

Keeping a workout fun can mean changing something you're dreading into something you're excited about. LED Strip Lights can sync with music or a workout video so you can sweat out your stress while having a light party in your home gym. Install them along your ceiling or floor lines to light up your space and enjoy their transition from white light to any color you could ever dream of.

Whether you have a dance routine to choreograph or a HIIT workout to get through, make it easier with fun lighting that can be controlled from your phone. And when you're finished with your workout, take as many selfies as you'd like in these fabulous hues!

Controlling Your Home Gym with BAZZ

You can control your home gym lighting setup from your phone or Alexa Smart Speaker with the BAZZ Smart Home app, whether you want to pick a different color, dim setting, or sync your lights up to a workout video or your favorite music. Never worry about energy bills from forgetting to turn off lights or being bored by your lighting setup while working out! 

Save your favorite light settings to the app, or allow the synchronization feature to surprise you with a fun myriad of colors to get you through any workout, no matter how daunting. No more reaching for the light switch mid-burpee - control everything from your phone or with a simple voice command. 

Our Best Home Gym Lighting Fixtures Picks

If you are new to Smart Lighting and just beginning to build your home gym, LED recessed lighting may be your best option. It fills the room with any brightness, color, and schedule you want - all controlled by your phone or Alexa speaker. You'll spend more time setting up your equipment than installing these lights!

Of course, when you opt for other Smart Lighting options, such as LED strip lights for a fun effect that can highlight specific areas of the room, or a Smart WiFi RGB LED Bulb, you cannot lose. These options offer you more customization options. If you tend to run on the treadmill in the morning but do yoga before bed, install a recessed light above your treadmill for a sunny, bright vibe to keep you awake. Put LED strip lights or an LED bulb over your yoga mat, so it's easier to wind down and create more of a vibe while calming your body and mind. 

Additional Tips

Get The Placing Right

As mentioned, if you work out on certain equipment during the day and in other areas during the night, you'll want to place strip lights or bulbs accordingly. Recessed lighting will fill the room and provide you with an entire bright, dimmed, or colorful space, while placing strip lights or bulbs next to or overtop of specific equipment can be more suited to your schedule and workout moods.

Have your recessed lighting mimic sunlight for a natural, window-lit feeling for everyday workouts. For winding down with nighttime yoga, opt for a dim bulb glowing with a calming color of your choice. For HIIT workouts, sync your LED light strip to your favorite track to work out in sync to the light show that is going on in your home gym.

BAZZ Smart Home can help you work out when you least want to - at night after a long day at work, or in the depths of winter. It's hard to make excuses when you have a synchronized light party or comforting warm light waiting for you in your home gym, any time of year.

Opt For LED Bulbs

Transform your home gym into a smart one with any of our Smart RGB LED bulbs - our revolutionary color-changing WiFi bulb. The plug-and-play smart lightbulb - ideal for floor lamps and hanging ceiling fixtures - uses your existing WiFi network with no hub or bridge required. Simply screw in the bulb, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy complete lighting control. 

Control lighting through our app, or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of different colors, and create dynamic light routines. Anytime, anywhere. 

Get Fit With BAZZ Smart Home Lighting

BAZZ'S wide array of products will allow you to customize your very own smart home gym lighting setup that's right for you and your family. All BAZZ products can be seamlessly used and controlled from the BAZZ Smart Home App and do not need a hub. Through just one app you'll be able to change the color of your lighting in real-time, create daily routines, turn on and off lights remotely, adjust your white from warm to cool, and more!

If you're looking to stick to your 2023 New Year's Resolution and use your home gym more often, make it more inviting and exciting with BAZZ Smart Home

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