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The Power of Outdoor Lighting

Your outdoor space is your sanctuary - whether hosting a family barbecue or doing weekend gardening, you want your backyard to always look its best. Outdoor lighting can turn your patio and lawn into a magical, welcoming space for entertaining and alone time. BAZZ Smart Home is your reliable source for beautiful, practical lighting options to elevate your backyard’s design.

The Benefits of Outdoor Lights

Illuminate your outdoor space

Outdoor lighting sets the mood for various occasions, whether you want warm, subtle accent lights for a romantic dinner or fun, dynamic smart lights for lively parties. When you choose BAZZ Smart Home for your outdoor light options, you experience a variety of choices and a reduction in your energy bills!

Easy installation and maintenance

BAZZ Smart Home makes setting up your outdoor lights a breeze - the simplicity of setup is wonderfully complemented by how low-maintenance all of BAZZ’s lights are to enjoy and control compared to traditional lighting.


Versatility in design and placement

There is a wide range of styles and fixtures available when you shop with BAZZ, from beautiful patio lanterns to sparkling LED lights. You can place these fixtures wherever you please, creating ambiance around the dining table, a light show around the pool, or highlighting darker areas of your backyard that you want to be able to navigate.

Types of Outdoor Lights

Recessed lights create a warm and subtle visual impact without drawing too much attention to the bulbs, meaning they’re perfect for lining rectangular rooflines, pool sheds, or garden floors to provide a sleek and contemporary look. Recessed lights create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for outdoor patios and enhance safety and aesthetics when installed near difficult-to-navigate areas like outdoor stairs. BAZZ offers recessed light fixtures with customizable colors so you can adjust your lights to each gathering’s vibe.


LED Light Strip

LED light strips highlight the beauty of landscaping in your backyard, whether wrapped around tree branches or your garden fence, to make nature look even more magical. LED light strips enhance safety by helping guide you in the dark while adding aesthetic appeal to deck handrails, stairs, and illuminating backyard pathways. BAZZ offers LED light strips with various lighting modes and dynamic color routines - all while being long enough to cover your whole backyard.


Outdoor Security Light

The presence of outdoor lights in your backyard, front yard, or around the garage can deter potential intruders and prevent you from tripping over hoses or tools on the ground as you walk outside. BAZZ offers motion-activated outdoor security lights, so you know when someone is arriving, and you can monitor guests (wanted or unwanted) with their included security cameras. Bonus: They’re waterproof!


Garden Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights add charm to your landscaping and gardens, highlighting your hard work and drawing attention to your favorite plants, sculptures, and/or fountains. BAZZ garden solar lights require minimal maintenance compared to traditional lighting options, adding beauty to your backyard and saving you money on electricity bills. Available in black or beige, depending on your preferences.

How Lighting Elevates Your Outdoor Experience

Create Ambiance

Outdoor lighting has the transformative power of setting the mood for any occasion, such as creating a warm, romantic atmosphere for intimate dinners or exciting light shows for fun parties. Proper lighting design has its practical sides, from deterring potential threats to eliminating dark spots you can’t navigate in your backyard to saving you money on your energy bill.

Extended Outdoor Living

Lighting placed in the right areas, like lining staircases, highlighting landscaping, and illuminating roofs and walkways, can turn your outdoor area into a functional space for relaxing and partaking in fun activities even after it gets dark. Lighting up your outdoor sanctuary during various seasons means you don’t have to wait for the weather to get warm to enjoy a cozy evening. Using solar-powered lights also means saving the earth with minimal maintenance requirements!

Outdoor Entertaining

Lighting can turn a regular outdoor dinner party into an entertaining, vibrant event, no matter how dark it gets. Well-placed lighting creates a welcoming and festive atmosphere for guests, whether you want intimate accent lighting for drinks after dinner or color-changing light and dynamic lighting effects for more of a party atmosphere.

Maintaining Outdoor Lights

To maintain your BAZZ Smart Home outdoor lighting, you should:

  • Regularly clean the light fixtures to ensure they are free of dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Periodically inspect your outdoor lights for damage, such as cracks, loose wires, or broken components.
  • Partake in seasonal maintenance so you know your lights are ready for use whenever you need them. 

Explore the Future of Outdoor Lighting with Bazz

Now that you know the many benefits of BAZZ Smart Home outdoor lighting - from saving you money on your energy bills to creating a welcoming, safe backyard atmosphere - you just need to pick out which fixtures you like best. BAZZ is strongly committed to providing quality outdoor lighting solutions no matter your needs, so visit the BAZZ Smart Home website today to explore the extensive range of outdoor lights offered.

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