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Things Need to Know Before Installing Smart Light Switches

The sleek design of smart light switches are an unsung champion which add the utmost convenience to the household. 

A smart light switch is a direct replacement to your home’s traditional light switch, providing a convenient new way to control your home’s already-in-place lighting! 

With a solitary smart switch, you can create custom schedules, dim lighting, and turn switches on or off through your smartphone or virtual assistant. 

They really are a valuable addition, so it’s no surprise you’re looking to add smart light switches to your household! But before you install, there are a few things we thought you should know to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

1) Which Devices Are You Connecting To?

Smart light switches give you a wonderful amount of control over your home lighting, without needing to replace your existing bulbs! Whether it’s recessed lighting in the kitchen or ceiling lights in the bedroom, being connected to a smart switch makes customization easy. 

To control other household appliances such as your coffee machine, floor lamps, and television, you’ll need a Smart WiFi Plug. Almost any device you'd plug into a standard outlet can be smartened up with a smart plug. 

2) Is It Alexa and Google Home Compatible?

If you have a virtual home assistant such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you’ll no doubt want to make best use of them! When choosing a smart light switch, consider which switch is compatible because, unfortunately, not all are. 

BAZZ’s smart light switch is able to communicate with your home assistant, making the possibilities virtually limitless. You'll soon find telling Google Home or Alexa to "Dim the kitchen lights" more convenient than reaching for your phone. And saying "Hey Google, turn off all the lights," is just as satisfying as it sounds, trust us! 

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3) Is Your Light Bulb Compatible with the Switch?

Before you purchase a smart light switch, you want to ensure your home’s light bulbs are already compatible. That way, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of the smart switch features, without having to purchase new bulbs, too. 

For example, smart light switches allow you to dim lighting, but in order to enjoy this feature, your bulb must be dimmable. Most modern LED bulbs are dimmable by design, but it’s best to check compatibility with the types of bulb you intend to control.

Thankfully, the BAZZ Smart Light Switch is functional with standard incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, and WiFi lights. Even better is that the switch needs no hub and is easy to install! 

4) The ZigBee versus Z-Wave

Up until recently, connecting your smart home devices required either Z-wave or ZigBee (two wireless communication protocols). WiFi devices didn’t have enough support to connect gadgets together. But now, a WiFi network is all you need, and it doesn’t require a conventional hub!

With Bazz smart devices, each device on your local network can communicate with one another to relay your commands - making installation quick and easy!

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