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What is RGB Lighting?

What Is RGB Color? What Does RGB Stand For?

The RGB color system is one of the most well-known and ubiquitous in our world today. It's an additive color scheme that combines red, green, and blue light to create colors we see on TV screens or computer monitors as well as smartphones!

RGB color is also prevalent within the lighting industry. 

RGB is an acronym for the colors red, green, and blue. When those three lights are combined with a single unit to create millions of color options, mixing all 250 shades available from each base element can display over 16 million combinations! 

How's that possible? Each letter has numerous different hues, so when you mix them at any given time, there will always be another shade or variation.

How Does RGB Work?

The color we see is determined by how our brain combines light coming from different photoreceptors or cells. There are three primary colors- red, green, and blue (RGB) which create all other hues when mixed. 

Where to Use RGB

RGB lighting is a fun addition to virtually any space in the home. RGB lights can be placed in the kitchen and laundry room to add some color, or they could serve as an accent for children's rooms. They're also a fun addition to home offices too. LED RGB light strips are also fun accessories for around your space, under cabinets, shelves, and behind TV or computer screens! 

Pros of RGB 

Limitless Color Options

Colour LED RGB lighting is becoming more and more popular because it looks great and provides bright colors that can be customized for any occasion. 

Money Saver

It's a well-known fact that RGB LEDs emit less heat than traditional light bulbs. This means they cost less and use energy efficiently, which in turn saves you money!

Flexible Options

Teens have been using RGB lighting strips to transform their bedrooms into a space as unique as they are, with the array of color options RGB lighting provides. With just a tap of the BAZZ Smart Home app, you can illuminate your space in essentially any color imaginable! 

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What Is an RGB Strip?

RGB LED strips are a great way to create colorful accents in your home. They typically come with 4 wires, 3 for each color and one that carries an electric charge that helps them sync up when turned on. 

BAZZ Smart Home's 10 ft. Wi-Fi RGB LED Light Strip comes with all of the necessary hardware, as well as a 5-ft plug and a 16 3/8 inch connector cable. Plus, you can link up to two 10 ft. strips (20 ft. total)! 

How Do You Control RGB Light & LED Strips? 

Unlike other RGB light strips on the market, you can select your ambient color lighting and set scenes or timers straight from your smartphone or tablet with the BAZZ Smart Home App! 

Top LED RGB Lights from Bazz Smart Home

From smart bulbs to RGB+White LED conversion kits, we have the latest smart home LED RGB lights you need! Shop our lighting collection now to find the best product for your needs.

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