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Halloween Tricks for Your Smart Home

When Is Halloween 2022?

Halloween is Monday, October 31st, 2022, and BAZZ Smart Home is so excited! We can't wait to turn your home into a spooky Halloween haven with up to 20% off all of our lighting, security, and accessories. 

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Halloween Smart Lighting Idea for Creating a Spooky Scene

Hosting a Halloween party at your house? Do you want to create a spooky atmosphere at a school dance, themed girls' night, or scare trick-or-treaters? LED light strips can change color and brightness at the touch of a button and will surely freak out any unsuspecting victims! Or try out our RGB light bulbs that can imitate Halloween lights and colors and turn that house into a haunted house. 

Use RGB Light Bulbs to Imitate Halloween Lights

Limited on space? Try using colorful light bulbs for an all-encompassing Halloween experience. You can use RGB light bulbs in your ceiling lighting or lighting fixtures, saving space for other Halloween decorations and filling your floors and walls with a spooky light show. Red lights give a frightening fiery feeling, while purple makes it feel like the witching hour. 

LED Strip Light in the Dark

Frame your Halloween props in dim light with string lights - or outline a doorway or pathway for your trick-or-treaters. You can even host a glow-in-the-dark Halloween party or light up your outdoor pumpkins with string lights. A colorful light strip can give an otherworldly effect, while a dimmed white LED light can make the room feel foggy and haunted. Have fun with these lights, and try not to scare your guests too much!

Spooky Halloween Living Room with Our Smart Recessed RGB Lights

Using our Smart Recessed RGB Lights to create an indoor sky or skylight can give any living room an eerie atmosphere that immerses the entire space. Projected lights can floor rooms with the feeling of being lost in space, stuck in a demonic world, or stirring a witch's cauldron; this all-encompassing lighting is great for occasions where you want low-effort, fantastical lighting. 

Additionally, use our 4" and 6" RGB light to create special effects and wicked-cool color shows.

Trick Your Friends With Our Smart Motorized Wifi Camera

Since BAZZ Smart Home's collection of motorized wifi cameras follows motion, entertain yourself and your quest by placing a camera anywhere in your home or at your front door to scare visitors with two-way audio communication. 

Play spooky sounds and screams into the microphone to have your guests or trick-or-treaters shaking in their boots. Have a scary pop-up decoration by your doorway? Record guests' reactions and create a funny compilation for everyone to enjoy the next day!

Decorating Your Backyard with Tulum Outdoor Light

Solar outdoor lighting provides homeowners with practical and beautiful ways of getting extra light in their yards at night, but it can be expensive if you don't know where to start looking! Fortunately, one type is an excellent option: smart solar lanterns! 

Solar lights are the way to go when you need a light source that can't be interrupted by blackouts. It doesn't matter if your grid goes down or there is an inconvenient storm. Your solar-powered lamps will stay on so long as they have sunlight and enough power.

With Tulum Solar Outdoor Lighting, light up your pathway so trick-or-treaters can safely find your front door or have a beautiful light source in the backyard for a fun Halloween party. Make Halloween decorating and scaring your guests all the more fun with BAZZ Smart Home - now offering up to 20% off lighting and smart home devices.