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6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)

6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)
6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)

6" Smart WiFi RGB+White LED Recessed Light Fixture (12-Pack)

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Transform your home into a smart one with the 12 pack - 6" LED RGB recessed light fixture - our revolutionary color-changing downlight.

The lighting uses your existing WiFi network, with no hub or bridge required. Simply install the lighting, download the BAZZ Smart Home app (iOS and Android), and enjoy complete control!

Control lighting through our app, or connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to use voice commands. Turn lights on and off, adjust brightness, choose from millions of different colors, and create dynamic light routines. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Pack of 12.
  • Tune your whites from soft (2700K) to cool (4700K).
  • Create dynamic light schedules and timers.
  • Choose from millions of colors.
  • Fully dimmable.
  • Bulb life up to 25,000 hours.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fully compatible with smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Wi-Fi connected with no hub or bridge needed.
Specification Detail


Tune whites from soft (2700K) to cool (4700K), 600 lumens

Suitable for damp locations, indoor and outdoor use.


Create dynamic light schedules and timers.


Fully dimmable.


Bulb life up to 25,000 hours.

Smart Features

Smartphone compatible, Alexa & Google Assistance

Instruction Manual


Compliant with FCC and ETL standards.

Wireless Type/Range

2.4 GHz/45M

Q: What is BAZZ Smart Home Product Warranty?

Normally 1 year; except for recessed fixtures its 3 years.

BAZZ’s warranty applies to manufacturing defects affecting its products which existed at the time of the purchase of the product, that are non-apparent, and are unknown to the buyer, for a period of X years depending on the product.

Q: What are BAZZ Smart Home Product Certification?

All products are FCC Part 15 compliant; a common testing standard for most electronic equipment. And all lighting products such as recessed fixtures, plug, switch and undercabinet are also compliant with ETL standards. Bulb and conversion kits are UL listed.

Q: What Is the Wattage and Brightness?


A: This fixture is 12 watts which is the equivalent of a 50W halogen bulb with a brightness of 900 lumens.

Q: Can We Install Wifi Recessed Fixtures in a Steam Room?

Steam room might be an issue and enclosed shower if it is not ventilated.

Q: My Wifi Products Keeps Going Offline?

This problem is related to poor wifi signal. When smart product can't detect it's wifi network, it goes offline. It should go back online by itself. Normally you shouldn't have to reset them. You might need to consider expanders and boosters.

Note: Having multiple hotspots doesn't make the signal stronger. Smart products might be too far from original router. Either too far or too many obstacles blocking the signal such as walls and floors. As an example, having the router in the garage or in the basement and having the fixtures on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

Q: Will My Wifi Products Such as Recessed Lighting, Bulbs and Ceiling Lights Will Remember Last Colour Used?

Yes it does remember last colour.

Q: What Are Ul, FCC, CE & IP Rating Certifications for Smart Home Device?

CE Certification

CE is an acronym for Conformité Européenne, the French translation for European Conformity. The CE marking is needed for specific product groups manufactured or sold within the European Economic Area.

UL Certification

Underwriters Laboratories issue UL certification to document that a product is US-made. It is not a mandatory certification, but having one proves that the product has been tested and is safe to use.

FCC Certification

The Federal Communications Commission, most commonly referred to as FCC, is a legally required certificate for all products that emit electromagnetic signals at the frequency range of 9 kHz or more.

What is an IP rating?

The IP Code, Ingress Protection code, or IEC standard, classifies and determines the level of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against dust, contact, and liquid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jena Leslie
Love the lights!

These lights are super thin and work great with my Alexa! They were super easy to install:)

Cris Franco
2nd time buying

These lights are easy to install and work well.

Jami Moore
Customers very happy

Very easy installation and my clients love the product when installed, however they tend to struggle with the app. How can it be more user friendly. Other than that products are great

Joshua Bremenour
Great lights

Looks great

Tracy E. Vanderbilt

Trying to purchase 12 pack 6” WiFi RGB +white led recessed light fixtures (12 pack) but it keeps kicking me out, please advise, THANK YOU