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With smart home WiFi light switches from BAZZ, you have the power to transform any space in your home into a smart one. Smart lighting switches are easy to install, setup, and control from your smartphone, Alexa, or Google Home. As long as you have a WiFi connection, your house will be beautifully lit, customized to your design preferences, and energy efficient. 

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What Is a Smart Switch?

A smart switch is a type of light switch that you can control through your phone, tablet, computer, and other smart devices.

Smart light switches connect to your home’s WiFi network, allowing you to change dimness, power, and color temperature remotely. You can also program smart switches to turn off and on a schedule or adjust lighting based on time of day. Most smart switches are designed to replace standard light switches, making it easy to upgrade your home to smart lighting.

BAZZ Smart Home offers smart light switches individually, in packs of 2, and in packs of 4. Whether you need to light up a room or your whole house, you can do it in the smartest way possible. 

What Are the Benefits of Smart Light Switches?

There are many advantages to using smart light switches, including:

  • Convenience. You can turn your lights on or off from anywhere by simply using your smart device, along with creating a light schedule that aligns with you and your family’s school, work, or wake-up routines. Come home from work to a well-lit home, and schedule a timer so all lights turn off by bedtime. 
  • Security. You can appear to be home even when you aren’t, so if you suspect suspicious activity going on or want to keep the rest of your family safe while you are out, turn the lights on and ward off any potential threats.
  • Energy efficiency. We’ve all forgotten to turn off lights before leaving the house, resulting in a spike in our energy bill and usage. With smart light switches and a coordinated schedule, never experience unexpected charges again and feel smarter about your choices to reduce your unnecessary energy usage.
  • Interior design. Whether you want a warm glow for romantic at-home date nights or you want to make a scary movie night even scarier by switching the lights on and off, the creative possibilities of smart light switches paired with smart home lighting from BAZZ are endless. 

How to Install a Smart Light Switch

All you need to install a smart light switch from BAZZ is a basic connection from existing wires and the BAZZ Smart Home app. The app will provide additional tips and instructions for how to configure smart lighting in your home.

To install smart light switches in your home, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your light switch. This seems quite obvious, but we recommend the BAZZ Smart Light WiFi Switches, as you can control and monitor the energy consumption of your lights, schedule timers, or create scenes with other devices when you have these switches.
  2. Remove your old light switch to make room for the smart switch. This involves disconnecting each wire one by one, and labeling them with electrical tape to avoid confusion down the road. Before doing this, turn your power off for safety purposes.
  3. Connect the old wires to the new switch. Connect the in wire to the in wire and the out wire to the out wire, along with doing the same thing for the ground wire and neutral wire. Make sure you have no exposed wires in the box and then test them out by turning on your power. 
  4. Make sure the light switch is secured. Screw the smart switch into place and make sure all connections are stable.
  5. Connect your light switch to your WiFi network. This can be done at home, at work, or anywhere you have a WiFi connection - so long as you have the BAZZ Smart Home app, you will be able to connect to and control your smart light WiFi switch from your smartphone, Alexa, Google Home, or tablet. 

Are BAZZ Smart Home Switches WiFi-Enabled?

Yes, our smart home switches’ WiFi capabilities are what make them so smart! BAZZ Smart Home's WiFi wall switch gives you the ability to control your lights remotely from wherever you are. 

Whether you're on the couch, or halfway around the world, this single-pole programmable wall switch will become an essential part of your smart home solution. Compatible with standard incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, or WiFi lights. They’re also easy to install, and require no hub.

When paired with the BAZZ Smart Home app, you can control and monitor the energy consumption of your lights, schedule timers, or create scenes with other devices - so long as you have a WiFi connection! 

Can BAZZ Smart Home Switches Be Used with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, BAZZ Smart Home switches are compatible with Amazon Alexa, and can be easily configured, customized, and voice-controlled by it. While our smart switch needs no hub, you can use voice control through Amazon Alexa (Amazon Echo/Dot/Tap)! 

Can BAZZ Smart Home Switches Be Used with Google Home?

Yes, BAZZ Smart Home switches are compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and can be voice-controlled by both. While our smart switch needs no hub, you can use voice control through your Google Assistant!